'Primetime' Seeks a Singer for New Satire

The September re-launch of Primetime Live will include a dynamic new show-ender that will leave no political foible unturned, no pop culture gaffe unnoticed, and no icon untouched. The show is bringing the BBC's legendary political satire That Was The Week That Was to a new generation of viewers.

The program, also known as TW3, debuted in 1962 on the BBC. Hosted by David Frost, it became a nationwide sensation in the United Kingdom. Each week TW3 lampooned the establishment and offered viewers scathing satire.

In 1964, the program came to the United States and opened with the title song, "That Was The Week That Was," sung by Nancy Ames, who became an overnight sensation. The opening number touched on topics from the past week's news, ranging from the atomic bomb to sex scandals to Conrad Hilton's hotels. At the end of each episode, Frost would sign off with the famous tag line: "That was the week — that was."

"We hope to signal a new age of political satire and believe this concept will become a trademark of the new Primetime Live," said Primetime Executive Producer Shelley Ross.

The BBC version of TW3 reached a peak of 12 million viewers in its heyday. Due to the popularity of the U.S. version, singer Ames, the "TW3 Girl," became a household name.

Primetime Live is embarking on a nationwide search for the new TW3 singer.

If you are interested in obtaining information on how to audition, contact Jack O'Brien at (212) 875-2674 or Tara Rubin at (212) 445-0088.

Primetime Live will relaunch in September on the ABC Television Network.