Exclusive Interview with Iranian Adviser

Wallace: But I ask again — killing innocent families, bombing in restaurants, bombing at a Passover Seder, that is legitimate, that is justified?

Rohani: The Israeli attacks, the Israeli bombardment, the Apache helicopters that attack people's homes, shooting at their homes, do Americans approve of them?

Wallace: The American government has condemned the use of its weapons for this purpose.

Rohani: When Mr. Powell went to Israel, he approved Mr. Sharon's action. He did not condemn it.

Wallace: Does Iran support the Palestinian suicide bombers?

Rohani: What we believe is that killing must stop completely. Israel must be forced to the negotiating table. The U.N. Resolutions must be implemented. What Iran thinks of the Middle East is this: Israel must allow the refugees to return to their homeland, and the future of the region must be by the people, through a referendum, and what people vote for must be done.

Wallace: Will Iran support any peace agreement negotiated between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

Rohani: Generally speaking, we support any solution that leads to Palestinians' rights. That solution would be acceptable to us.

Wallace: Will Iran support the Saudi plan that would include full diplomatic recognition of Israel in return for the territories taken in 1967?

Rohani: In the Saudi plan, because there is one step that protects the rights of the Palestinians, we support it. But that does not mean we completely accept it.

Wallace: And would you be willing to recognize Israel as part of that?

Rohani: We are not part of the planning. You are asking me if we support it. We are not presenting this plan. I told you what our plan is. Our plan is that all refugees return to their homeland and all the Palestinians and should participate in a referendum, and whatever the peoples' wish is, and whatever the outcome of the referendum is, then we accept it. This is our plan. But we do not reject the Saudi plan because in the Saudi plan the Palestinians will gain part of their rights.

Humanitarian Support Only

Wallace: New subject. What is the Al Quds force?

Rohani: In Iran, the Al Quds force is part of the revolutionary guard.

Wallace: Isn't it a branch that, among other things, trains Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad?

Rohani: The Al Quds force's duty is, for instance, in Afghanistan. There is some kind of relationship between Al Quds forces and Northern Alliance. At the beginning of the formation of Hezbollah, there was a relationship. But today, Hezbollah does not need us, because Hezbollah is an independent military force.

Wallace: Does Al Quds currently train Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

Rohani: No, I told you, the Hezbollah in Lebanon do not need to be militarily trained today.

Wallace: And what about Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

Rohani: They don't need the military training. They are familiar with military techniques and they do their job for the freedom of the region.

Wallace: So Iran is doing nothing at this point to support Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad?

Rohani: The kind of support that we give to the Palestinians is not military support. It is humanitarian support. Support for the Palestinian people. And as you know, we bring some of the wounded Palestinians here and we provide them with food and clothing and we also sent it to them.

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