Exclusive Interview with Iranian Adviser

Wallace: Is it humanitarian support to give money to the families of the suicide bombers?

Rohani: Any Palestinian whose home has been destroyed and needs food, we help them.

Wallace: Have you given money specifically to the families of the suicide bombers?

Rohani: We do not have a special program for this issue. We generally help the needy.

Wallace: You deny that Al Quds is involved in terrorist training. Isn't there a terrorist training camp right here in Tehran, the Imam Ali camp?

Rohani: We don't where the Imam Ali camp is. Do you know where the Imam Ali camp is? We have no knowledge of it.

Wallace: You've never heard of the Imam Ali camp?

Rohani: We have lots of Imam Alis. We have Imam Ali bases. We also have many Imam Ali troops.

Wallace: I am told that just north of the Sai'Dabad palace (in Tehran) there is an Imam Ali camp that is an active terrorist training camp.

Rohani: We are basically against terrorism. We are the victims of terrorism. We recognize Israel as a terrorist nation. We are the same country that recognized the Taliban as terrorists. The same Taliban that the United States created. The same Taliban that the Americans trained and financially supported. Even Al Qaeda and bin Laden were trained, as you know, by the CIA. The CIA gave them training and armed them in the past.

Wallace: But wasn't that to fight the Russian imperialists?

Rohani: Anyway, you created them and now you are troubled by them. The Islamic republic of Iran has never had a relationship with terrorists and never supported them. If your definition of terrorist groups are Hezbollah and Hamas, they are not terrorists. They are the kinds of groups who are fighting for the freedom of land.

Wallace: So have you given support to them, to Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

Rohani: I told you before, we have humanitarian help to all these groups. We basically give humanitarian help to all the Palestinians, and these groups do not need us for the military training you are asking about.

Wallace: So you've never heard of the Imam Ali camp here in Tehran?

Rohani: No, I have never heard of this one before. We have many Imam Ali camps, maybe dozens of Imam Ali camps in different cities.

Wallace: Is there one near Sai'Dabad palace?

Rohani: No, I don't have any knowledge of that.

Wallace: If you find out, would you allow us to go there?

Rohani: There is no problem. You can go to any of our military camps. There is no problem.

Wallace: So how do we arrange this?

Rohani: You are asking me if there is a camp that trains terrorists, and I am telling you Iran has never and will never have any relations with terrorists, and has never trained any terrorist. Iran is a victim of terrorism, and the terrorist groups who have fought against our people are being supported by the United States of America.

Denies Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Weapons Plans

Wallace: Is Iran trying to develop weapons of mass destruction?

Rohani: If Iran is after making weapons of mass destruction, why has Iran signed various international treaties against these weapons? If Iran has signed all these treaties, it means Iran is not interested in producing weapons of mass destruction.

Wallace: Let me ask you directly: Is Iran trying to develop a nuclear bomb?

Rohani: I answered you. If we are interested in producing nuclear weapons, why do we sign treaties against them?

Wallace: So the answer is no?

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