'Christian Patriot' Targets Gay Mardi Gras

When Storms' followers and the revelers of Southern Decadence ultimately met, the streets echoed out with chants of "Jesus" and opposing chants of "haters."

Bucketfuls of confetti met the crowds of brooms, accompanied by the sounds of jeers.

Storms boomed, "Repent … this is not the way God made you, it's the way the devil has perverted you."

Another man in the crowd called the commotion "unbelievable." "I can't believe we've gone back 300 years in time. This blows my mind," he said.

By the end of the festival, there were no arrests for public sex, and Storms was calling his mission a success.

But festival organizers also claimed victory, saying the publicity generated by Storms actually helped increase attendance by 10 percent.

And in a city where the good times roll, officials were smiling too. Southern Decadence brought in record-breaking revenues of $96 million.

As for Storms, he says he's got even grander plans — to eliminate public nudity and sex at Mardi Gras and beyond.

For example, Sin City, U.S.A. — Las Vegas. "That's our next stop … schedule a flight to Las Vegas," Storms said. "We want to take it to every city in the United States, wherever stuff goes on."

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