Making Ends Meet As a Strippers


These booths are where dancers make the most money, but in San Francisco, the district attorney says it is also where dancers are potentially the most vulnerable.

"They're working in a booth and then the customer wants one thing or another and they feel forced to comply," Harris said.

Langin acknowledges that sex can occur in clubs, but says the clubs try to prevent it with surveillance systems.

If a client is having sex with a dancer, Langin said, "They're going to have to do it really fast. Because there's going to be somebody coming around checking on that room. And if they get interrupted they're going to be thrown out."

Like many working women, the dancers who spoke with "20/20" will tell you any kind of respect would be appreciated.

They work in a world full of scorn and moral condemnation. They have each made a choice about what is best for themselves and their families.

They show up each night because it's their job.

This story originally aired on "20/20" April 15, 2005.

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