Quick-Change Artist Beats Conviction, at First

"We kind of just made casual plans to go, go get a drink," she said.

The two went to a popular bar. They begin drinking beers, talking, and listening to the live band.

"He kept looking at me kind of funny," Jody said. "And I, I said, 'I'm wondering how I'm going to tell you I'm a lesbian.'

"He said, 'Oh that's cool, I've got a lot of gay friends in Philadelphia.'"

Kristin Derrig was bartending that night.

Victim Takes Crucial Step of Promptly Going to Police

"They were obviously ... hangin' out together, but they, they didn't look ... appear as a couple," Derrig told ABC.

At one point in the evening Marsalis bought Jody a shot called a kamikaze. There was something odd about it, she said.

"I was trying to figure out what it was but the taste was undistinguishable," Jody said. "I couldn't even tell what kind of liquor was in it. And when I looked in the bottom of the glass, there was some granular substance and it..."

Derrig found that strange.

"I've made thousands of kamikazes, and none of 'em have a granular substance," she said.

Jody went outside for a cigarette. At that point, she told ABC, she had had multiple drinks, but not enough to black out.

"I bought one [beer], remember buying one for myself, the shot, the first beer he bought and then the second beer he bought. So about four [drinks]," Jody said.

Her next memory?

"Uh, waking up the next morning on a bare mattress and asking him where the bathroom was because I was going to throw up," she said.

She could tell physically that she'd had sex, Jody said. She thought her clothes had been taken off and rearranged on her body.

"I was thinking, how, how, what happened? You know, because I wouldn't have let this happen," she said.

"What am I going to say to him? He was a security guard. And I was kind of afraid to confront him," she said. "He acted like nothing happened. He threw his arm around me and said, 'My little gay buddy, we'll have to hang out again.' And then he walked me back to my dorm room."

After telling her family what happened, Jody did what none of the Philadelphia women had done. She reported the crime to the police that day, and went to the hospital for a rape kit.

Her story remained consistent, said Sun Valley Assistant Police Chief Mike Crawford, while Marsalis' story changed after they arrested him Oct. 10, 2005, two days after the crime.

Back in Philadelphia, the lawyers in the rape trial got the news. Marsalis had been arrested for allegedly raping a woman in Idaho before his East Coast trial was set to begin.

"I was shocked," Hexstall said. "I was shocked, I was surprised."

When the moment of truth came for Marsalis before an Idaho judge, Rovell would be there.

Visit the "Primetime" Web site Wednesday for Part 3 of the Jeffrey Marsalis story, including his trial in Idaho -- and his conversation with ABC News' David Muir.

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