Man Claims Aliens Send Him Messages

"I question everything. Stan questions everything. Just because we see it happen doesn't mean we're not intelligent enough to think someone might be doing things," she said. "But who in the world's going to do it for eight years non-stop just to make us look like idiots?"

For the Romanek family, the real ridicule began after he appeared on "Larry King Live" in 2003, claiming to have captured an alien on tape.

Romanek said he shot video of an alien he named "Boo," who appeared at his kitchen window. Images of the alien in the video sparked a firestorm of controversy on the Web, with many expressing doubts about its authenticity.

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But for the Romanek family, the mockery is no laughing matter. Lisa Romanek said her husband had to be hospitalized after he was physically assaulted by strangers on the street.

"He had a broken nose, broken wrist, he had a cut above his forehead here and down his cheek ... where they glued him back together, instead of putting stitches in," she said.

She said there is a good reason why she has stuck by him, even though she and her family have been taunted and ridiculed.

"Because I believe in what he is saying. I have seen. I know what he is saying is true," Lisa Romanek said. "And I have said it many times to other people that have asked me that question: I am not going to just abandon him because people don't believe it."

Inside Romanek's Hypnotic Regression Therapy

Under the guidance of psychologist Leo Sprinkle, Romanek uses hypnotic regression therapy to jog his memory about what he said were alien abductions.

"It's dark, but there's a weird light. A strange light and they're watching me. Oh, no. it's happened again. I've been taken again," he told Sprinkle during a session.

Sprinkle has encouraged Romanek to explore his memories, forcing him to work through the pain of the experience to achieve emotional revelations.

During the sessions, Romanek, a former computer repair technician now on disability who told ABC News he is severely dyslexic and only had only a fifth grade math proficiency, wrote high-order math equations with his eyes closed.

The equations appear to be known in scientific circles as "Drake's equation" -- a complex astrophysics' formula that approximates the number of planets in the Milky Way that might have intelligent life. Romanek claimed not to have any understanding of the equations.

"What's interesting, when I wrote it under hypnotic regression, I put times a hundred ... which may be the ETs or whatever are telling us, there's more out there than we think," he explained.

But Harvard University psychology researchers Susan Clancy and Richard McNally contend that hypnosis is not a truth serum. They said hypnotic regression can often help conjure up vivid, but distorted false memories, leaving many people who undergo the procedure feeling even more isolated.

"Some of these people go to hypnotic regression therapist, specializing in alien abduction phenomenon," McNally said. "The therapist would then take the person back to that moment where they were lying paralyzed on the bed. ... So it seems like memory is surfacing. And so then what you find with this type of leading question, this type of probing questions, is you get this narrative of this detailed kidnapping experience where they're taken to space ship and strapped to a table."

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