Pug Partygoers: A Breed All Their Own

Once bred for Chinese emperors, pugs now find themselves dressed up and ready to party.
3:23 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Pug Partygoers: A Breed All Their Own
You're about to reenter -- rarefied world which we first showed you in May. An exclusive society -- its own unique rituals at a qualify for membership you must possess a dog. But not just any dog will do. For this canine comes with a face only an owner could love it's what people aren't talking about. Texas. And I don't -- Thugs and their masters a different breed altogether. Take for example Clara and her owner the writer and Pug dog magazines Hollywood columnist Margo Kaufman. That is getting ready to get -- -- I believe it says it. Annual pub guide and Heidi -- -- -- -- had good to Miami and it's been down lack at fifty grand oh look -- you are you spending now we have this the east about it. And think -- took seven can. While it is the West Coast -- social event of the year the proceeds will benefit homeless products. But the problem that -- all -- going to the party is of course what to -- beware. I have -- this outfit. Have a -- because that makes it look like Bette Davis -- now -- -- -- the daisy Mae outfit. This is -- her true personality. There used to the lap of luxury -- 3000 years ago for Chinese emperors. They later found favour among the European elite like Josephine Bonaparte. Continuing into the twentieth century with the duke and duchess of Windsor. Which brings us to today and their lot of name -- people with pugs. Alexandra -- and author hosts the yearly Pug party in New York City or publishing magnate SI new houses dog Nero. Where heavy on his serve to the dogs and owners by for an invite. There's now scramble for invitations which I -- really embarrassing. So that if you wanna call it -- -- to come to apartment party may be this. The one -- I will say is that has people act as sabathia got. You never see it god McCain -- bailout that outside my uncle. And then then it is adding I think it's consistent that is -- because that way he would not. Clemens played to a -- that does nothing for you. I mean I had voluntarily patent that is -- but it is Deanna and I couldn't really never -- dance. He's do you have a sense of them have your energy. And she says that -- tended not to be grounded. It can't say you live -- -- area alone -- that it won't mention that read that in his fifteenth. I think they have had his -- million Connecticut -- had sent to him. In the end Clara was glad she opted for a simple elegant bow. Especially when she saw another dog in heard daisy -- draft. She cringed to think of the scandal that would have created. I say again and the -- who. --

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{"id":20577964,"title":"Pug Partygoers: A Breed All Their Own","duration":"3:23","description":"Once bred for Chinese emperors, pugs now find themselves dressed up and ready to party.","url":"/Primetime/video/pug-partygoers-breed-20577964","section":"Primetime","mediaType":"default"}