Alvarez-Lara: Best against the best

"Erislandy Lara insulted me and my country. He insulted my ability to box, and I take that seriously. This is more than just a fight for me. On Saturday, I'm not only fighting for my honor, I'm fighting for the pride of my country. This fight will give me personal satisfaction. It's about fighting the best and beating the best. The media and the fans know that this is a dangerous fight, and them knowing that will make my win that much better. It's a personal satisfaction to be fighting the best and beating the best."

Said Jose "Chepo" Reynoso, Alvarez's trainer, through a translator, "His pride was hurt because of all of the smack Lara has been talking. He wants to punish Lara thoroughly. Canelo looks at Lara as an obnoxious little child that needs to be put in his place."

Alvarez could have picked any opponent to fight, headlined his own pay-per-view and made the minimum $1.5 million he'll make Saturday. But he picked Lara because of a competitive spirit.

Lara, however, said he doesn't owe Alvarez any gratitude for giving Lara his biggest fight and biggest payday, $1 million.

"Absolutely not. I don't owe him anything other than left hands," Lara said. "I forced this fight. It wasn't because he wanted to take this fight. We've been after this fight for two years, and I've been putting pressure on social media or interviews and jumping on stage. That's what pressured him to take this fight. I know he didn't want this fight, and on [Saturday] you're going to see the reason why he didn't want this fight."

Whatever we see, and however it was made, it is the best against the best.

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