Baseline Buzz: Djokovic's chances

Wilansky: I suppose this is where we digress into a lesson in geophagy -- the practice of eating earthy matters. *Cringle.* Believe it or not, there are some people out there who eat dirt as a health benefit. Anyway, nutrition plans aside, the numbers say this one could be as close as the 9-7-in-the-fifth semifinal classic they played last year in Paris. As FiveThirtyEight wrote here, "Nadal has played seven percent below his normal clay level this year. Djokovic, his chief rival for tennis supremacy and his opponent on Sunday, has played 12 percent better than his typical clay level." But considering Nadal's level on clay is higher, the end result is pretty much a push. I personally think we'll know early on what kind of match we're going to be in for. Nadal will be trying to wrest control of the points with his lethal forehand. For Djokovic, we'll see how well he can stay on the baseline, take the ball early and turn defense into potent offense. On all other surfaces, this is a given. On clay, Djokovic could get caught up playing on his heels. My prediction: Nadal in four.

Caple: Then I'll go Djokovic in five. But whatever happens, I'll enjoy watching it while eating a last waffle at Roland Garros.

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