Clippers are LeBron's best title shot

Such a team would be dramatically better -- to the tune of roughly four points per game -- than any likely LeBron-led Heat roster next year. And even while playing in the fiercely competitive Western Conference, the LeBron-led Clippers (if properly assembled) would be prohibitive favorites to win the title next season, and the season after that, and the season after that.

The ball is in LeBron's court.

He can choose to be loyal to the Heat -- and be rewarded with a decent shot at another title next season -- or he can choose to jump ship again for a shot at historic greatness.

RPM stats are provided by Jeremias Engelmann in consultation with Steve Ilardi. RPM is based on Engelmann's xRAPM (Regularized Adjusted Plus-Minus). Play-by-play data provided by Amin Elhassan provided background information for this article.

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