Derrick Rose: 'A new beginning'

Paxson, meanwhile, tried to put the latest uproar regarding Rose to rest.

"Every player's different," Paxson said. "And Derrick did his part at the end of the day. He talked to all the players that we were interested in. The sad thing is that so much of what was reported and put out there, it was contradictory. One day Derrick's not participating, the next day he is, there's never anyone who attaches a name to any of the information. It's just all out there as fact. For you guys in the [sports radio] business maybe it's healthy because you have a lot of things to talk about, but for us all it does is muddy the waters. We get criticized all the time because we're not addressing all these things that are out there, well most of the time there's no truth to them."

Rose's acknowledgment of the ongoing issues behind the scenes put somewhat of a damper on all the good feelings coming from his time at Team USA's camp. Players and coaches have been raving about his play heading into Friday's scrimmage, with many believing he can come back to playing at the same MVP level he was at before the first knee injury. Rose is clearly trying to focus on the present instead of looking back on what's happened in the past.

"It seems like everybody has one goal, from the front office all the way down now,'' Rose told the Sun-Times. "It seems like everyone is finally communicating with each other. That's all we need. You think about all the championship teams, they say that communication and one goal is usually the recipe. You take away all the other [stuff] and just make it simple.

"This is a new beginning for everybody. We've got a new practice facility, a new year where I'm coming back, and we have some great talent. It's time to turn the page and move in a positive direction.''

That seemed to be Paxson's approach, as well.

"My relationship with Derrick and Gar's relationship with Derrick, I've never considered it to have any issues," Paxson said. "I always worry about, there's always people with agendas out there, that are not favorable to the team and sometimes not favorable to that individual player, Derrick in this case. There's a lot of people that attach themselves to certain players -- and look, our only goal is try and win. And we've always respected Derrick as a person from the day we drafted him.

"We've done nothing but respect and support him from the very beginning. So the only tension I would ever care about is if there was tension between myself Gar or Tom and Derrick. If there's any other tension it's certainly not coming from us and I've never felt that it's had to be addressed, if I did, it would be addressed. But I've never felt it's had to be addressed because every time I've ever sat down with Derrick Rose he knows where I'm coming from and I think I know where he's coming from."

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