Donald Sterling: No surprise

And maybe that's the most viable form of punishment. If you're deeply offended by Sterling's views, don't watch the Clippers. It's not as legally complicated as any possible NBA action. It's not as unreasonable as asking the players to boycott a playoff game and dispatch their dreams of a championship just because their owner made foolish remarks.

Don't buy tickets, and encourage others to do the same. Don't watch games on television, which would get the attention of the networks and their sponsors. Put pressure on Sterling, Silver and the other owners through the power of profits (or the risk of losing them).

Or you could leave it to greater forces. Maybe the outrage over all this will distract the Clippers players and derail what has been the most championship-competitive team he's ever had.

To quote Phil Jackson again, there might not be curses or hexes, "But I do think there is karma."

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