Eagles find it's not easy being green

• This is the 20th season for the Panthers, and they're marking the occasion with a jersey patch and a logo on the field. Meanwhile, here's the team's home jersey schedule for the coming year. As you can see, the blue alternates are slated to be worn on Sept. 21 against the Steelers.

• This isn't something you'll see on game day, but the Patriots have changed the number font on their practice jerseys to match the font on their game jerseys.

• The Rams will wear their "Greatest Show on Turf" throwbacks on Oct. 15 against the 49ers. Some fans would like to see the team go back to that design as its primary uniform, and team executive Kevin Demoff has hinted that it could happen down the line. He also indicated that the team's old blue and white look will likely become the team's long-term throwback option.

• Nothing new this season for the Ravens (unless you count the new sponsor on their practice jerseys), but it's worth noting that veteran wide receiver Steve Smith, now with Baltimore, has added "Sr." to the back of his jersey.

• Lots of uni-related developments this year for the Steelers. First, they'll be wearing a simple "CHN" memorial helmet decal for former coach Chuck Noll. Second, they'll be wearing a patch to mark the 40th anniversary of their first Super Bowl championship team on Nov. 30 against the Saints (further details here). Third, they'll be wearing their bumblebee throwbacks on Oct. 26 against the Colts. And finally, you may have noticed that the Steelers' familiar front helmet numbers have been missing during the preseason. Don't worry -- that's a longstanding Steelers preseason ritual. The numbers will be restored to the helmets when the regular season starts.

• The Texans will wear solid white for their home opener against Washington on Sept. 7 and will wear their red alternate jerseys on Nov. 2 against the Eagles. You can see their full home jersey schedule here.

• The Titans will wear their navy alternate jerseys on Oct. 26 against the Texans. And in the "It's all about the little details" department, quarterback Jake Locker appears to be switching to loose-fitting sleeves this year.

• Nothing new on tap for Washington, but there's a uni-related controversy brewing for the team's game in Minnesota against the Vikings on Nov. 2. The game will be played at the University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium, and the university has asked that Washington's controversial team name be scrubbed from the proceedings -- which, among other things, would require a uniform change. Further details here.

Additional Notes

• The officiating crews got a new uni number font last season, but some officials were still wearing the old font in 2013, and at least one of them -- head linesman George Hayward -- has still been wearing the old font in the current preseason. Come on, guys, get it together!

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