Early insights from training camps

A: That would make sense, but to accommodate that you'd have to talk about moving three or four franchises. I can't see that many moving around. First, the NFL has to take care of the Los Angeles market. A generation of fans has grown up without an NFL team in Los Angeles. Patriots owner Robert Kraft is talking about eventually having one AFC and one NFC team in Los Angeles. That could be the Oakland Raiders and the St. Louis Rams. But what would be the next team to move? The Chargers could get a deal at some point to stay in San Diego. Some people cite the Jaguars, but the owner is trying to invest enough to keep the franchise in Jacksonville.

Q: I've been watching some replays of this past year's college football games and came across a game involving Georgia. Can you please explain why Aaron Murray wasn't a first- or second-round pick? At 6-foot-1, 207 pounds, he's nearly identical in stature to Drew Brees, who's 6-foot, 209 pounds. His arm strength isn't incredible, but it certainly seems adequate, especially since we've seen players like Peyton Manning and Brees improve their arm strength from college to the NFL. He has all the intangibles you could ask for, and his accuracy and football IQ seem to be that of an NFL quarterback. His ability to make NFL back-shoulder throws again and again is astounding. I simply don't understand how he was only a fifth-round pick.

Garrison in Crestwood, Kentucky

A: The ACL injury didn't help. Not being a tall quarterback dropped him down a little. Not having great arm strength also lowered his ratings. But he can be successful in the NFL. He's smart. He's accurate. Now, he's healthy. Teams projected him to be more of an NFL backup than a starter. Maybe the scouts were wrong. We'll see over the next four years whether he can prove them wrong and be a steal for the Chiefs.

Q: It went unnoticed by many how good the Steelers played in the second half of last season. They were a field goal away from entering the playoffs. With the addition of LeGarrette Blount, further development of Le'Veon Bell and offensive line coaching by Mike Munchak, the Steelers' run game is set to improve. What are your thoughts on the Steelers' offensive potential this season?

Hardeep in West Nyack, New York

A: I think people have noticed. The Steelers have a chance to bounce back and become a playoff team again. They've drafted well. The offense has speed. Bell should be a good back. The offensive line is coming together. Ben Roethlisberger seems to be in a good place mentally in regard to some of the changes in the offensive philosophy. The defense is younger and has more speed. The AFC North should be a three-way race among the Steelers, Bengals and Ravens.

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