Fighting words

"No fan is going to deny the fact that when there is a fight on the ice, they're not completely glued to it. I don't think you'd see a drop of ticket sales because people go to see the potential of one, but I think people would miss it. Absolutely. Whether they want to admit it or not."

-- Senators forward Bobby Ryan

"When it's fair and two guys go at each other, it's something that fires up the team. At the same time, you don't want to see guys get hurt when they fall to the ice or hit their head. That part you don't want to see. At the same way, it would be weird not to have fighting be a part of the game."

On if he would feel less safe: "Not really. I don't think that will be -- because now, most of the time, if someone makes a clean hit they have to fight someone. That's something in the game that's wrong. It shouldn't be that if you do something bad to someone, that's when you have to stand up for yourself. Now if you make a clean up, all of a sudden you have to fight. That's wrong.

"I think we have bigger issues in our game than fighting."

-- Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg

"You know where my opinion lies. I'm fairly biased. I think you'd see a lot of guys taking runs at each other [without fighting in the game]. I think you'd see a lot of sticks high. Maybe I'm old-school in that thought but I think the thought of getting punched in the face by somebody can be a deterrent to dirty play.

"The players don't want it to go anywhere."

-- Bruins forward Shawn Thornton ( Cross Checks)

"I don't think it would be the NHL I grew up watching [without fighting]. But I understand the league is trying to make the game a little bit safer and maybe even a little bit better, but I don't think they should take away all the fighting. When people jump other guys, I wouldn't mind not seeing it anymore, but I think fighting should stay in the game. That's NHL hockey.

"The guys who need to fight wouldn't benefit for sure. It's kind of hard to say. If there wouldn't be any fighting, no one would jump me, right? If there's no fighting people would be a little more dirtier because they know they can get away with it. The fighting should still be there. I understand if they want to do something about it, but there should still be a little bit of fighting.

"The fans love it, right? If you asked them, I'm sure 99 percent of them want it in there, that's why they come to the games. Also, for our team it gives us momentum. Zdeno [Chara] drops the gloves [against the Rangers] and it gives us momentum and then we came out in the third period and won the game."

-- Bruins forward David Krejci

"I think it's part of the game. I think it's always been that way. I think it keeps a lot of guys honest on the ice. If they're going to do certain things on the ice to skill players, they've got to answer the bell to different tough guys. It's part of the game and teams shape their team around guys like that.

"Every team that I've been on, fighters have been the guy that calls people out when they're not doing something right and the guys that appreciate it when guys do good things. You need those guys in the league and on teams."

-- Rangers forward Rick Nash

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