Goldschmidt a terrific ambassador

"First off, I wouldn't say I'm fully established. I had a good year last year, but in this game it's what have you done for me lately and it's about what you do over the long haul, not just one year," Goldschmidt said. "Last year was good, but you have to prove yourself every day. That's how I feel. There are guys who have been doing it 10 years, more than that -- that's what I call established. Not, 'He's done it for a year.' "

If Goldschmidt stays healthy and keeps producing similar numbers, he soon won't be the great player few people talk about. He's one of the favorites to win the MVP trophy, particularly if the Diamondbacks compete. As the accomplishments pile up and the media attention grows, you wonder if he can keep the level head that seems to be his defining trait these days.

"I think he can handle it," Kendrick said. "I think he just has an inner strength about him -- leave aside his talent, which is obvious -- that shines through in everything I've seen that he does. If he has the national attention, I think he'll handle it well."

As of yet, the game hasn't thrown anything at Goldschmidt he couldn't handle with grace.

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