The Last Great Call(s)

As Allen Craig lumbers toward the plate, Joyce and DeMuth eyeball him carefully. Craig's run can be awarded only if the play at the plate is so close that the obstruction rule applies. So the pressure is on the man running home -- except, that fact is completely unbeknownst to him. As Craig admits all these months later, he had no idea obstruction had just been called.

Craig: "I didn't know at the time because I was running home as hard as I could."

DeMuth: "I could have called him out if the throw from the outfield had gotten [home with] Craig halfway up the line. ... Let's say that the ball came in quicker. He does not automatically get home. The ruling of it is: 'Had the obstruction not occurred, in your judgment, would he have scored?' ... But here, seeing that obstruction happen, and seeing how close the play was at home ... that's where my judgment is that, had the obstruction not occurred, he would have scored. So there's judgment in this. It's not an automatic thing."

Craig: "I slid, and I didn't know if I was out or safe. Then I just kind of rolled over and saw everyone in the dugout cheering and jumping. So I knew that I was safe in some fashion. I didn't know if I beat the throw or not. I just saw them jumping up. And later, I found out that it was an obstruction call. ... At that point in time, it was so fast, I didn't know what happened. I was not feeling great. I was pretty sore. So I was just thinking that we won the game, and I was a little sore, and wondering if I was going to be able to get back out there."

Matheny: "The first thing I remember is that Allen was mad. ... So I go out there after I see all this happening, and everyone wants to go out there and jump on him. And he's mad, because I think he was kind of in shock about how his body was handling it. ... He's going from not really running much to, all of a sudden, that's all he was doing. He's a runner out there. And he was worried that his leg wasn't prepared for that. And it ended up that everything was fine. But it was kind of a shock."

As everyone celebrates around him, the manager has other things on his mind: (A) Was his first baseman OK? (B) Could he be absolutely sure the umpires weren't about to huddle and overturn this call, just as they'd done after a missed call at second base in Game 1? So Mike Matheny isn't sure what to do or say first.

Matheny: "Was I worried about Allen? No question. That's why I ran out there. And we couldn't get a read from him. Guys were wanting to dogpile him. He just wanted to get to the dugout, to figure out whether he was all right. And I tried to stop him. But he just kind of bulled his way through everybody to the dugout. I mean, this was a World Series game we just won, in pretty dramatic fashion. And I'm trying to figure out if he's all right or not, but I can't leave the field because I'm just waiting for them to overturn something [in case] I've got to go fish all the guys out of the clubhouse. I mean, it was major confusion for all those reasons."

Carlos Beltran (immediately after the game): "Oh, man, honestly, I didn't know what happened. I saw the guys celebrating, so I just went out there and celebrated. But I'm like, 'We win. I don't know how we win. But we did.' It's amazing, man."

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