Hall of 100: 2014 ballot results

Last year, when ESPN unveiled the inaugural version of the Hall of 100, we asked our panel of experts to vote on a ballot that featured more than 300 names -- every player in the Hall of Fame, those on that year's Hall of Fame ballot and any player active or retired who reached the greatness above replacement (GAR) threshold. (For more on GAR, check out the Hall of 100's full methodology.)

With the Hall of 100 already established, this year's ballot was much more condensed; it featured the 17 players active in 2013 who reached the threshold. To qualify, a player had to be in the top 150 all time in GAR either as a pitcher or position player. And like last year, the voters scored each player from zero to 100, using the guideline to the right.

Taking the average of all the scores, the players were slotted into the Hall of 100 relative to last year's scores, and Miguel Cabrera was the only new inductee into the Hall of 100. To see the full Hall of 100, click here.

(Note: GAR is based only on performance in MLB, and it is possible for a player to qualify one year and not the next. In other words, players who have yet to hit their decline phase may lower their GAR over the years if their performance falls off precipitously. These two factors are the main reasons that Ichiro -- who spent much of his prime playing in Japan -- just missed qualifying.)


1. Albert Pujols, 1B | Los Angeles Angels

Average score: 90.44
Highest score: 100
Lowest score: 75
Standard deviation: 5.80

Hall of 100 rank: 16


2. Alex Rodriguez, 3B | New York Yankees

Average score: 90.20
Highest score: 100
Lowest score: 65
Standard deviation: 7.70

Hall of 100 rank: 19


3. Derek Jeter, SS | New York Yankees

Average score: 85.56
Highest score: 100
Lowest score: 70
Standard deviation: 6.71

Hall of 100 rank: 33


4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B/3B | Detroit Tigers

Average score: 81.76
Highest score: 100
Lowest score: 40
Standard deviation: 12.03

Hall of 100 rank: 45 (only new member)


5. Mariano Rivera, RHP | New York Yankees

Average score: 72.0
Highest score: 100
Lowest score: 30
Standard deviation: 17.11

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