A lasting legacy: 'Field of Dreams'

In "Bull Durham," Costner gives Tim Robbins a list of clichés to use with sports writers. But he leaves out perhaps the biggest cliché of all: "It's like a dream come true." That sentence is a cliché because it is true. Dreams do come true in baseball, virtually every day.

In "Field of Dreams," Affeldt says, "all these guys are coming out of this cornfield, this field [Costner] made, that everyone said was a dumb idea, or that he was chasing some wild, crazy, weird dream. Just like they told each and every one of us here in this clubhouse, you're chasing something that the percentages say you can't do. And yet we achieved it."

"Field of Dreams" was based on the W.P. Kinsella novel "Shoeless Joe." I like the movie's title better. It describes what every ballfield is, no matter whether that field is surrounded by corn or parents cheering on their Little Leaguers or 35,000 passionate fans filling seats that average $50 apiece.

Baseball fields are where dreams are planted and where they grow and bloom magnificently.

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