LeBron 'frustrated' by hard fouls

James said that expressing his displeasure with hard fouls doesn't mean he's trying to court favor with the league or officials. Speaking after Friday's practice, James said he noticed several flagrant fouls have been called on the spot during other playoff games already.

Game referees then have the option to review the play in question and either uphold the call or downgrade it to a common foul. James' biggest complaint is that the foul by McRoberts wasn't initially handled the same way, considering he was hit above the shoulders with excessive force.

"I understand there's going to be contact, and if it's the right call, then I'm OK with it," James said. "My foul didn't even get checked. It was never checked, and it was at a crucial point of the game.

"I don't cry for fouls. I know it's going to be a big headline tomorrow, 'LeBron is crying for fouls.' It's not that at all. If the game is played and [officiated] how it's supposed to be [officiated], then I'm OK with it."

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