Up and down with LeBron James

But: Ray Allen saved LeBron's legacy by quick-triggering that corner 3 that sent the game to overtime and the Heat to a second straight title. If that shot had missed, LeBron would be 1-3 in the Finals.

I raved on air about LeBron's Game 7, albeit against a psychologically shot Spurs team. But, dared by the Spurs to shoot jumpers, LeBron made 9 of 20 outside the paint and certainly lived up to being World's Greatest ... as he did in Sunday night's Game 2.

Now, though, the blame for Tuesday night's home no-show is being spread among Mario Chalmers, Chris Bosh and Spoelstra, who all deserve some. The World's Greatest? He "did all he could."

When LeBron plays great, I see polls and hear analysts predict he'll be greater than Michael Jordan. When LeBron fails, all I hear is that the Jordan comparison is unfair. Which is it?

After each Finals game, I get more and more confused about how to view LeBron James.

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