NFL Depth Chart Rankings

The strength for the Dolphins is clearly on the defensive line as Soliai, Dion Jordan (+2.4) and Derrick Shelby (-0.2) are three of the top four rated backups on the team. A big reason for their lack of depth on offense is so many backups have already been asked to take over starting roles, which deteriorated any depth they had.

31. St. Louis Rams

Backups grade: 7.5 | Deepest position group: Offensive line
Shallowest: Halfback | Best non-starter: DE William Hayes (+13.5)

On the bright side, the Rams have Hayes as a great backup to play in pass-rushing situations who can also stop the run. On offense, the Rams have more proven backups than most other teams. On the other hand, the Rams, more than other teams, have players who once started for them, but then decided to go in another direction, moving those players to the bench.

32. Chicago Bears

Backups grade: 6.0 | Deepest position group: Running back
Shallowest: Offensive line | Best non-starter: HB Michael Bush (+1.0)

You can look at Chicago's drafts from 2010-2012 to see why the Bears rank last in depth. They've had 16 draft picks over those years. And while five have become starters for the Bears, nine are already off the team -- leaving just two backups. Their depth consists mostly of unproven rookies and players who had the opportunity to start with Chicago or elsewhere and failed.

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