What's Phelps' Medal Worth?


-Baggage. The medalist must have, he says, no baggage. He cites the Swiss soccer player who recently was kicked off his team for making derogatory, anti-Korean tweets. "He's unlikely to be generating a lot of endorsement activity," Greyser observes drily.

Returning to Michael Phelps: How much more might his 19th medal earn him?

Greyser demurs giving a dollar amount, but says in general of Phelps: "He's already fairly high up in the pantheon, so this will be incremental for him rather than a plateau shift. He's not going to be going from zero to 100." The swimmer, he says, has already climbed, "to the top of the medal mountain." Now, in addition, he has set a world record for the most medals ever won.

"A wider number of brands may be interested in somebody who has become that distinctive," says Greyser.

In other words, there's likely bigger paydays to come--if Phelps can keep his personal life tidy.

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