Rangers Fan Buys Stanley Cup Ticket for $1, StubHub Cancels Order

PHOTO: Fans cheer as the New York Rangers skate back the bench after a goal in the first period against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game Six of the Second Round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden on May 11, 2014 in New York City.

Kavi Arora, a die-hard Rangers fan, was so excited when he snatched up four Stanley Cup final tickets for $1 each on StubHub that he called his father at midnight.

Just when he thought he secured the seats to the third home game for a grand total of $12.20 -- the price of two hot dogs at Madison Square Garden -- StubHub canceled this transaction, he said.

Arora, who has been going to hockey games with his father since he was a child, received an email from StubHub the following day, saying that they had to cancel the order because the seller was "unable to fulfill the order."

"I was furious," Arora said. "Why were they doing this?"

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Upset and disappointed as he was, he went over the "FanProtect Guarantee" on StubHub's website. The website promised that if a seller backs out, StubHub will provide the buyer with comparable seats or a full refund.

StubHub gave Arora a refund of $12.20, but said that there were no comparable seats at that price. StubHub also gave Arora a $300 voucher as an apology for the incident, which Arora declined to accept.

See: StubHub's Email to Arora Confirming the Purchase

"I didn't accept because I don't accept their resolution," Arora said.

Arora said last year, a baseball fan purchased a World Series ticket for $6 on StubHub, and was later told that the translation was not valid. The fan, Erik Jabs, later received a ticket from StubHub, not only for free, but also upgrading him from Row WW to Row CC.

"I want to know why I was treated differently," Arora said. "How is my case different?"

“It looks like the tickets were listed in error. I don’t know how much the seller intended to price them at, but it’s definitely more than $1,” said Allison Salcedo, the head of U.S. communications at StubHub.

Salcedo said the company has rights to cancel an already processed transaction if either the buyer or the seller feels uncomfortable.

“If a seller backs out, the company promises to provide the buyer with comparable seats,” Salcedo said. “In this case, we can’t find any other seats in the buyer’s price range, so we refunded him the full amount, along with a $300 voucher as a goodwill gesture.”

"I felt I was treated unfairly," Arora said. "I just want an answer."

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