Remembering an upset for the ages

ASU's Jerry Moore: We always thought, if we could win the special teams, we might have a chance.

Game week

Appalachian State was such a big underdog that there was no betting line on the game at most Las Vegas sports books. Maize n Brew, a Michigan fan blog, began its prediction with, "Um, it's going to be ugly."

U-M's Greg Mathews: I would say we lost that game probably the week before. I'll speak for myself, and I know there were obviously some of my teammates doing the same thing as well. It was welcome week, where all the students had come back to school and class hasn't started yet and we just got out of camp. Throughout that week, there were a bunch of parties. Every night of the week, it was like a crazy, insane party. I just didn't manage that very well. Guys were missing practice, coming to practice hungover, having to sit out because they were hungover. We lost that game that week.

Donovan Warren, Michigan cornerback, 2007-2009: Me and Greg were in different classes. It was my freshman year, so I was real fired up to prove myself. I wasn't aware of any that partying stuff. I felt like the guys on the team were focused, for sure.

ASU's Jerry Moore: We got rained out here on that Thursday so we had our typical Thursday practice up there [in Ann Arbor on Friday]. The intensity level of that practice, the concentration level -- you could tell, not that we were going to win, but that we were going to be ready to play and play hard.

ASU's Corey Lynch: I still remember our walk-through. There were so many seats in that stadium. It seemed like it went on forever.

Julian Rauch, Appalachian State kicker, 2006-09: Coach [Moore] said, "Guys, this is a big stadium. Look around, and enjoy it right now. But it's just a lot more concrete."

ASU's Armanti Edwards: Corey did a great job. He said, "Yeah, there might be more people here than we've ever seen. But out on the field, it's just their 11 versus our 11. They bleed just like us."

The game: 'We accomplished something major'

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first, as Michigan took the opening possession 67 yards for a touchdown.

ASU's Corey Lynch: They came out on fire. I just remember our D-line wasn't doing the best of jobs, and they had Jake Long sitting there throwing people around.

But on the Mountaineers' third play from scrimmage, Edwards threw a short slant pass to Jackson, who took it 68 yards for a touchdown and a 7-7 tie.

ASU's Dexter Jackson: We ran a little pick, a delayed slant. I think they were surprised at not just my speed, but everybody's speed.

ASU's Armanti Edwards: I don't think they realized that we were just as fast if not faster than their skill players. I think we kind of stunned them a little bit.

U-M's Donovan Warren: I remember after that slant, I was like, "OK, they came to play. They're not backing down at all."

ASU's Jerry Moore: We knew we weren't going to be able to hold the ball very long. We were going to have to get rid of the ball quick. The play that Dexter scored on, that ball was thrown to him in less than two seconds.

U-M's Greg Mathews: That was really before the spread phenomenon took over college football, so I wasn't used to seeing those types of athletes, like Dexter Jackson and Armanti Edwards. Those guys were phenomenal athletes and could have gone anywhere and been just as productive.

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