Remembering an upset for the ages

ASU's Julian Rauch: The usual 15-second drive up Stadium Drive probably took 45 minutes, because about 10,000 students and fans were out there waiting to greet us. I can remember the bus shaking and I was like, "Man, this has to be what rock stars are like."

ASU's Jerry Moore: Pandemonium broke out after the game, so Lloyd and I never got to each other [for a handshake]. But this shows you the class of Lloyd Carr. About 3 o'clock on Sunday, we were at a staff meeting and he called. He congratulated us on the game. Just class. Pure class.

Mark Silverman, Big Ten Network president: It really helped create credibility for the network and establish the network as relevant across the national scene. [The Big Ten Network launched just two days earlier and this was the first game broadcast on the network.] We were on just under 20 million homes at the time. People were really saying, "I want to get the network" after that. We're now in 60 million homes.

ASU's Armanti Edwards: It helped us get noticed nationwide. Not many people knew where Boone, N.C., was before that.

ASU's Corey Lynch: We got paid $400,000, and we probably made $100 million for the school off that game.

Michigan would get blown out the following week at home vs. Oregon. But the Wolverines would regroup and win their first six Big Ten games before losing the final two to Wisconsin and Ohio State. Carr announced his retirement on Nov. 18. The Wolverines beat Florida and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow 41-35 in the Capital One Bowl, carrying Carr off the field in celebration. The school then hired Rich Rodriguez to bring his spread offense to Ann Arbor.

U-M's Greg Mathews: I'm very happy we sent Coach Carr out the way we did.

U-M's Tim Jamison: We beat Florida that year, but the game that sticks in everybody's mind is Appalachian State. That's one memory I try to get far, far away from my mind.

Appalachian State lost two games in the regular season -- to Georgia Southern and Wofford -- but went on to win its third consecutive FCS championship. The Mountaineers announced plans to join the FBS in March 2013. Moore was pushed out as head coach following the 2012 season.

ASU's Corey Lynch: The sad part to me is I don't know if I'll ever go back to Appalachian State. I'm embarrassed to go back there because they fired Coach Moore after all that happened.

The rematch

In 2011, Michigan and Appalachian State agreed to stage the 2014 season opener against one another in Ann Arbor.

Brady Hoke, Michigan head coach 2011-current: Our players are aware of the history. We haven't pounded the table about it or anything. But it's up there in our full team meeting room. We have our overall record against every team on the schedule. They're the only one we have a losing record against.

ASU's Julian Rauch: I'm happy for the next set of guys to get that opportunity, and of course the school gets a nice payday But it sure would have been nice to stay 1-0 against those guys. I think it was probably one of those things they should have left it alone as a one-time, all-time upset.

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