Rewind: Super Bowl Twitter megachat

@TheeLidman: Easiest way to avoid Richard Sherman, line up in the slot or left side, he doesn't move from left side.
Louis Riddick: Richard will align in the slot when necessary, but yes, he likes to stay at the LC position.

@Bonaddio24: Will Sherman shut down Demaryius Thomas if they are matched together Sunday?
Thurman Thomas: Not so sure, but it will be a great matchup.

@mueller_brian: In '90, the Bills had no SB experience like the 'Hawks. Was that a detriment to the team?
Thurman Thomas: No, not at all.

@fermDeezzyy: Do you trust Denver's passing game or Beast Mode's running game to win?
Thurman Thomas: Beast Mode's running game.

@Czer412: Do you think the Seahawks have enough offensive firepower to score point-for-point with Denver?
Ryan Clark: The Seahawks can score with Denver if their D is stout in the red zone. Wilson can make clutch plays.

@Faaris626: Whose defensive backfield has the advantage over the opposing QB?
Ryan Clark: Don't think any secondary has the advantage on the opposing QB. Both QB's will make plays.

@Maxwellium: Do you think in your prime that Richard Sherman could cover you?
Terrell Owens: No way Jose! Richard is a good corner, but he would have his hands full with me.

@FMAFEpresident: What advice would you give Percy Harvin as he recovers from injury to play in the big game?
Terrell Owens: Play your heart out because you may never get that chance again.

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