Robin Ventura Kicks Up a Storm in Epic Meltdown

PHOTO: Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura kicks dirt over the plate after being ejected during a baseball game against the San Francisco Giants in San Francisco, Aug. 13, 2014.

Robin Ventura was furious, and he showed it with his cleats.

The Chicago White Sox manager unleashed his fury Wednesday after a play was overturned, storming out of the dugout, screaming at the umpire and then kicking the dirt, again and again, until home plate was covered.

The situation unfolded in the seventh inning of Wednesday’s game between the White Sox and San Francisco Giants, after White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers tagged out Giants runner Gregor Blanco at home plate.

San Francisco’s manager Bruce Bochy challenged the umpire’s ruling, arguing that the Giants should be given the run because the catcher was blocking the runner’s path to the plate, a controversial new rule that has been introduced this season.

The play was reviewed, and Blanco was awarded the run.

So Ventura, who was an All-Star third baseman, came running, drawing an immediate ejection. He decided to make a mess on his way out, running to home plate and kicking the dirt into a cloud.

The Giants broke the game open after Ventura’s tirade, winning 7-1.

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