Selanne's passion burning brightly

When Selanne speaks, the young guys are all ears. Patrick Maroon took a deep breath Sunday when asked what it was like when he began playing on the same line as a legend.

"It's honestly a dream come true," Maroon said. "There's no words. You're playing with a Hall of Famer, whose presence and what he brings to the game is just unbelievable. As a kid, you watched him on TV and then you get a chance to play with him in his final season. Words just can't express what a good feeling that is. He's shown us young guys how to be a pro."

Selanne has made sure to soak it all in this season -- noting whenever he was playing a final game in a certain NHL rink, making sure to say goodbye to familiar faces along the way.

"Absolutely," said Selanne. "In many ways, it's more fun that way. You try to enjoy it all. It has been fun."

So many people have told him how much they'll miss him. How much he's meant to them.

"You can't imagine you can touch so many people's lives and get that kind of feedback. It's pretty special," said Selanne.

Life will be here in Southern California once he's done this season. He owns a restaurant in the area, it's where his kids (18, 16, 14 and 6) have grown up and it's where he's going to continue to connect with hockey.

"At some point, I'll work with the Ducks," said Selanne. "I don't know how soon that will be but I'm looking forward to that."

While he has no idea yet what he would do, it appears management appeals more than coaching.

"I've always been interested in being part of that group who is going to make the decisions about how to build a team," said Selanne. "I think I would have a pretty good vision about that."

Whether this is Selanne's final week of an illustrious career, or whether there's another month of playoff hockey for the Ducks, the end is indeed near.

The NHL will be such a lesser place for it. That, folks, is no joking matter.

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