Shanny-RG III saga is new yardstick

MIKE MCCARTHY-AARON RODGERS: A longtime QB guru and West Coast savant, McCarthy has always spoken the same language as Rodgers. But these are tense times in Green Bay as this pair attempts to navigate Rodgers' comeback from injury. With the season hanging in the balance, Rodgers and McCarthy have to make sure, above all, that they don't do any long-term damage to the working relationship of what is one of the best coach-QB tandems in the game. If Rodgers and McCarthy need an example of how not to manage this situation, well, they know exactly where to look. SHANNYs: 2

GARY KUBIAK-MATT SCHAUB: Schaub's poor performance this season led to coach and QB guru Kubiak getting canned only a few weeks after collapsing on the sidelines. Ouch. Now, with the season a lost cause and the No. 1 pick within reach, the Texans have decided to keep Schaub on the bench in order to evaluate Case Keenum. The coach got fired. The QB got benched. It's an example of a reverse Washington: When a coach and quarterback believe in each other too much, they can take the whole franchise down with them. SHANNYs: 5

CHUCK PAGANO-ANDREW LUCK: The preternaturally poised Luck has struggled without a run game or Reggie Wayne, but the Colts are in the playoffs and the Texans are coming to town. All is well. No one plays defense in the playoffs, right? SHANNYs: 2

GUS BRADLEY-CHAD HENNE: SHANNYs are created by tension, and there just isn't any in Jacksonville. Henne has been decent during the Jags' recent upswing, but after completing 44.4 percent of his passes for 117 yards against the Texans, I think even Henne would agree that Bradley needs to draft a quarterback, fast. SHANNYs: 1

ANDY REID-ALEX SMITH: Smith is 29-8-1 as a starter the last three seasons and Andy Reid is a favorite for coach of the year. These guys are playing with house money in Kansas City. SHANNYs: 0

JOE PHILBIN-RYAN TANNEHILL: Based on the Shanny-RG III formula, if Tannehill somehow guides the troubled Dolphins to the playoffs despite all the issues with this team, he can expect the powerful bond that would form between he and Philbin to last, oh, up to two or three whole hours.

LESLIE FRAZIER-MATT CASSEL: Maybe Cousins will play well these last three weeks and the Vikings will trade for him in the offseason so they can have four backup QBs on their roster. SHANNYs: 3

BILL BELICHICK-TOM BRADY: Don't you wonder just how much of Belichick's "genius" comes down to the dumb luck of picking a Hall of Fame quarterback in the sixth round of the draft? These two have built a Patriots dynasty around a clear church-and-state separation of talent and authority that has never cracked or ever come close to resembling a normal, warm human interaction. But what if it did implode? It'll never happen. But we can dream. SHANNYs: 1

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