Shanny-RG III saga is new yardstick

SEAN PAYTON-DREW BREES: In his 2010 book, Payton channeled his inner Jerry Maguire when he wrote of his QB and bestest buddy Brees: "I knew the two of us, working together, could complete each other." These two and their frequent PDAs remain the gold standard for the coach-QB relationship. "They're like little buddies," says Saints wideout Lance Moore. "It's cute." SHANNYs: 0

TOM COUGHLIN-ELI MANNING: In the pressure cooker of the Big Apple, normally near the end of a season like the one the Giants are enduring we'd see coach and QB turn on each other, spectacularly. But two Lombardi Trophies since 2008 have given Coughlin and Manning the benefit of the doubt and a little breathing room. But next season? If Manning throws 15 picks in his first six games again, these two could make the dysfunctional Redskins look downright warm and fuzzy. SHANNYs: 1

REX RYAN-GENO SMITH: Smith had his best performance in almost two months against the Raiders, playing with poise and using his legs when needing to keep drives alive. Oh, who are we kidding? This is Ryan and these are the Jets. They're 30th in passing, and this thing could go sideways, fast, at any moment. Pay attention. SHANNYs: 4

OAKLAND RAIDERS: The situation with the quarterback and the coach is so volatile and fluid in Oakland I hesitate to mention either one here by name because things change so rapidly. SHANNYs: 5

CHIP KELLY-NICK FOLES: Foles has gone from virtual unknown to legit MVP candidate after throwing 19 TD passes before his first interception of the season, leading the 8-5 Eagles to the top of the NFC East while runningĀ  Kelly's cutting-edge scheme. And when he did finally end his 238-pass pickless streak during a blizzard, Chip, his bestie, said, "I think any mistake Nick makes is kind of surprising." These two might vacation together in February, unless they're busy with the Super Bowl. SHANNYs: 0

MIKE TOMLIN-BEN ROETHLISBERGER: Even while having another phenomenal year, Roethlisberger has spent most of his time trying a little too hard denying he wants out of Pittsburgh or that he has serious issues with offensive coordinator Todd Haley. The arbitrator in all this is Tomlin, who, after his sideline stunt against the Ravens, seems to be going loopy from all the losing. This. Won't. End. Well. SHANNYs: 4

MIKE MCCOY-PHILIP RIVERS: McCoy needs to push Rivers hard to move him, finally, from good to great. But I wonder if he's reluctant and just a tad scared after seeing Rivers' crazy face on display during the Chargers' win at Arrowhead a few weeks ago. SHANNYs: 2

JIM HARBAUGH-COLIN KAEPERNICK: I give Harbaugh credit for being so restrained while Kaepernick struggles this season from the dreaded Super Bowl hangover. Maybe it helps that the 49ers have a former sporadic passer coaching a currently sporadic quarterback. But if Kaepernick is sloppy against the lowly Bucs this weekend, all bets are off. SHANNYs: 3

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