A single move, a Texas-sized ripple

"We've got a legitimate thing going now," Preszler said.

Now Preszler is in charge. He used to hope Dodd would get him a GA job somewhere -- anywhere, really. He'd wanted the college coaching dream like everyone else.

Not anymore. Preszler and his wife, Colleen, are building their own team: Two daughters, 3-year-old Tatum and 1-year-old Macklyn, and a boy on the way. Preszler wants to be able to tuck them in at night. He wants to give them a good life and doesn't need an entry-level college job to do so.

"The beauty of high school football is the stability," he said. "Financially, yeah, college is probably better. But it takes you 10 years of eating Top Ramen because you can't make any money.

"You don't know if you're going to be in Tennessee or Florida or South Dakota," Preszler said of the college game. "You don't know year to year. Whether you did a good job or a bad job, it doesn't matter."

If Dodd or a college did come calling one day, would he listen? Perhaps. But these days, Preszler can't quite reconcile why a sane, secure man who loves his family would want to go through all of that.

"Sometimes I think, man, that's just an impossible lifestyle," he said. "But at the end of the day, if you make it big, it's a big-time world, a lot of money, a lot of fame.

"But it takes a long time to get there, and not many people do."

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