Olympics Highlights: Day 9

Top News of the Day

Adelaide police have arrested a 22-year-old Olympic athlete from Uganda sought in connection with the sexual assault of a 17-year-old woman.

Investigators will fly to the South Australian state capital 685 miles southwest of Sydney to interview the man, New South Wales police said.

Police had announced Friday that a warrant had been issued for the athlete’s arrest. A police statement said the alleged assault occurred in the early hours of Wednesday at a western Sydney suburb adjoining the main Olympic site.

No further details were released.

Sydney’s trouble-free Olympics are facing an unlikely bug — big, fat, hairy moths called bogongs.

The dive-bombing moths, something of an Aboriginal delicacy, have hit town early on their annual migration and headed straight for the games.

The insects, which are quite harmless, have descended on Olympic Park in their millions over the past two nights, drawn by the glare of floodlights from Stadium Australia and other venues.

They had spectators ducking and swatting at Friday night’s athletics. At tennis, Australian doubles player Todd Woodbridge had to flick one into submission with his racket when it would not leave the court.

Sydney Olympics organizers said today they had turned to a scientific research body and some of the best experts on the 200,000 types of insect in Australia for advice on how to deal with the bogong swarms.


Ji Xinpeng of China beat Hendrawan of Indonesia in two games to win the men’s singles gold medal. Xia Xuanze of China beat Peter Gade of Denmark for the bronze.

Ge Fei and Gu Jun of China beat teammates Huang Nanyan and Yang Wei in the women’s doubles. Gao Ling and Qin Yiyuan won the bronze to make it a Chinese sweep.


Jose Ibar struck out eight in seven innings as Cuba shut down the United States 6-1 in a game that was as raw and one-sided as in the old days, when Cuba never lost.

Except for the shouting and the cussing, it wasn’t very entertaining. There could be a rematch, though — both teams are 5-1 and headed for the medal round.

Benches cleared in the fourth when Ernie Young was hit by a pitch and got into it with the Cuban catcher. Tempers flared when first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz dove and took down a Cuban runner in the bottom of the inning.

Finally, 37-year-old catcher Pat Borders cussed a Cuban runner who flew into home plate spikes-high as he scored in the eighth.


After a close game against Lithuania, the U.S. men’s basketball team is back to blowing out the opponent.

The Americans scorched winless New Zealand 102-56.

Vince Carter had 18 points, Allan Houston 17, Antonio McDyess 15, and Kevin Garnett 14.

The U.S. squad was up by 10 points eight minutes into the game, and up by 20 by the 12-minute mark.

In other basketball games, Lithuania beat China 82-66, Yugoslavia downed Spain 78-65, and Australia defeated Angola 86-75.

Beach Volleyball

Both U.S. women’s beach volleyball teams lost Olympic quarterfinal matches to end medal hopes each thought were in reach.

Jenny Johnson Jordan and Annett Davis tried smashing kills, power serves and anything else, but had no answer to the precision shots of Japan’s Yukiko Takahashi and Teru Saiki in losing 15-9.

Then Holly McPeak and Misty May came up short against Brazil’s Adriana Samuel and Sandra Pires, losing 16-14.

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