65 Reasons to Celebrate the NCAA Tournament

Ohio State (60) -- If Greg Oden keeps raising his game and the Buckeyes get him the damn ball, The Minutes predicts a Final Four run and a renewed debate over who's the No. 1 pick in the June draft. But the Buckeyes still will be susceptible to being knocked out by a horrible shooting night behind the arc.

UCLA -- The Minutes is working under the assumption that the Bruins' early-March stumble is correctable. Given the team's level of experience and perimeter excellence, and Ben Howland's commitment to defense, it's hard to see UCLA mailing anything in. The question is whether the Bruins have the interior power and skill to battle teams like Florida, Ohio State and Carolina.

Memphis (61) -- If the Tigers didn't play in Conference DOA, we probably would be talking about them a whole lot more. But when you're talking about a team that's a giant in a land of midgets, you have to question how tourney tough its players are. You do not have to question the Tigers' talent, depth, scoring power and coaching. And the experience of reaching a regional final last year could help carry Memphis to the next step.

Kansas (62) -- The Jayhawks had an excellent final month of the season, coming together right on time. Their balance and depth will be difficult for anyone to match; they can play fast or slow; and they have all the athleticism a coach could desire. But nobody on this roster has ever won an NCAA Tournament game, and going from none to six in a single spring is a big leap.

Texas A&M (63) -- The Aggies can play championship-level defense and will not back down from a physical challenge. They're tough, they have arguably the most clutch player in the tournament and they can play inside-out offensively. Everyone is impressed with coach Billy Gillispie, but he's won only one NCAA Tournament game in his career.

Georgetown (64) -- The Hoyas came closer than anybody to road-blocking Florida's run last year, and they'll be an exceptionally tough out again this time around. Roy Hibbert is the biggest lane-clogger in the field and rarely misses on the offensive end. Jeff Green might be the most skilled 6-9 guy in the college game, and he's done a better job taking over games down the stretch this season. And JT III's guys guard as if their meal money depends on it.

Texas (65) -- Frighteningly young, but frighteningly good and getting better with every passing game. The Longhorns are on the list just in case Kevin Durant somehow elevates his game to another level, takes over the entire tournament and petitions to join the NBA immediately.

Pat Forde is a senior writer for ESPN.com. He can be reached at ESPN4D@aol.com.

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