Trading a Superstar Isn't Easiest Thing

Once again, we'll dissect the least likely ideas first. That Cleveland trade doesn't fly because the Marlins undoubtedly would ask for pitching mega-prospect Adam Miller instead of Sowers, and the other two names are too iffy. That L.A. proposal just isn't enough, even though the Marlins would want any deal with the Dodgers to start with Kershaw and go from there.

That proposed Giants trade is a good try. But Noah Lowry doesn't work as the centerpiece. If Tim Lincecum or Matt Cain were the first name on that list, you'd at least have the makings of a deal the Marlins probably would consider.

But the best proposal in this group is that Angels deal. We can't say for sure that this exact trade would be acceptable to both sides. The Marlins also appear to have been lobbying hard for the Angels to include a catcher (Jeff Mathis). But Kendrick, Willits and either Santana or prospect Nick Adenhart represent the framework for a trade that could very well happen at some point. One baseball man we talked to says the Marlins would make a 3-for-1 deal (as opposed to 4-for-1) "if it's the right three pieces."

Mets Pipe Dream Dept.

We're not sure why we got so many trade ideas from Mets fans. (Possibly because, if the season started tomorrow, their rotation would include Jason Vargas.) But whatever the reason, you folks seem to think they're going to trade for every starter in America except Tom Glavine. So here come three of your potential swaps that at least got our attention:

1. Mets-A's (from Andrew of New York City): Lastings Milledge and Philip Humber for Dan Haren.

2. Mets-Orioles (from Chris in Washington): Milledge, Mike Pelfrey and Ruben Gotay for Erik Bedard.

3. Mets-Astros (from Xavier in Jersey City, N.J.): Pelfrey or Humber, plus outfield stud Fernando Martinez, for Roy Oswalt.

Two words here: No chance.

We're not sure where these Oswalt trade rumors come from. He's not getting traded. We don't even really believe that Bedard will get traded, since the asking price is at least as heavy as the price on Santana, if not heavier, depending on whom you ask. So Milledge, Pelfrey and Gotay aren't even close to enough.

And from what we're hearing, the A's are nowhere near as infatuated with Milledge as they used to be. So although we expect lots of talk about a Haren-to-the-Mets trade, that conversation will start with Martinez and/or Carlos Gomez, not with Milledge. "Fernando Martinez," says one AL executive, "is the most interesting guy in their system, just because of his age [19]."

Human Trade Rumor Dept.

There are certain players out there who make Rumor Central possible, just by their very existence. Here are a few trade ideas our cyber-GMs tossed out there on three members of that all-Rumor Central team:

1. Orioles-Angels (from Josh in Baltimore): Miguel Tejada for Ervin Santana and Brandon Wood.

2. Cubs-Rays (from Corey in Fort Myers, Fla.): Felix Pie and Rich Hill for Carl Crawford.

3. Dodgers-Cardinals (from Jason in Los Angeles): Outfielder Delwyn Young and right-hander Greg Miller for Scott Rolen.

OK, let's take these in order. Orioles-Angels is the most feasible deal on that list. But this particular proposal looks more like a not-quite than a they-should-make-that-one-right-now. The Orioles probably would need at least one known quantity back for Tejada, and that wouldn't describe either Santana or Wood.

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