Twilight of the running back

St. Louis Rams: Simplifying to eliminate the effects of subsequent trades, here is what Les Mouflons received in lieu of Robert Griffin III: Greg Robinson, Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins and Alec Ogletree. Robinson's performance (and Griffin's knee) will determine whether conventional wisdom becomes that St. Louis picked Washington's pocket. Robinson has a decent chance of being the next Orlando Pace. If that happens and the other players obtained continue to perform pretty well, the trade will be seen as a huge win for St. Louis.

But will that matter? Since 2008, the Rams have gone first overall once, second overall thrice and also had the draft's eighth, 13th, 14th and 14th choices. Doesn't seem to matter to the standings -- no winning season for St. Louis that period.

If Michael Sam makes the Rams' roster, he will be coached by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. The MSM will fall all over itself praising the Rams for any good news about Sam. Thus the football gods have sent Williams a chance to generate good press and rebuild his tarnished reputation.

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers have become a halfway house for high-profile wide receivers who are struggling: Randy Moss, Stevie Johnson, A.J. Jenkins, Jon Baldwin, Mario Manningham. Having Michael Crabtree and Johnson on the field together in 2014 -- two me-first guys who refuse to block and pull up their patterns whenever the throw is to someone else -- hey, what could go wrong?

The 49ers used a third-round choice on guard Brandon Thomas, who just tore an ACL and will not play in 2014. He'll be redshirted. If he takes the field in 2015, will the NFL call him a true rookie? Jacksonville used a fourth-rounder on Aaron Colvin, an injured player who will redshirt in 2014; New England used its first on Dominique Easley, an injured player who may or may not be able to tape his ankles this season.

Frequent flier pick of the draft: Choice 83, Houston from Pittsburgh through Cleveland and Philadelphia. Best reaching for a comment after hour upon hour of comments, from ESPN's Scouts Inc. of Texans' seventh-round choice Dre Hal: "Hal has adequate feet."

Seattle: For dropping only eight slots, from the 32nd to 40th picks, the Seahawks added a fourth-round choice -- and avoided paying a first-round bonus, since Super Bowl winners always have salary-cap problems the following two seasons. The defending champions outscored opponents by 59 points in the postseason, the seventh-best performance all time. The 1989 49ers were tops, outscoring opponents by 100 points in the postseason.

TMQ continues to wonder if NFL teams in the 2014 season will try to emulate the Seahawks, playing pressure defense but with conventional four-man-rush tactics. Perhaps other teams will start calling their wide-aligned defensive end Leo, Seattle terminology that takes off on Mike, Sam and Will of nearly all defenses.

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