UConn Huskies' NCAA-record win streak: 90 and counting

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How has UConn been so good for so long?
The Huskies own the two longest winning streaks in NCAA hoops history. They have Hall of Fame-level coaching and top-level recruiting. But what five other factors go into their sustained success? Mechelle Voepel ?

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UConn has fun matching win streak record

In a game that left Geno Auriemma speechless, the UConn women -- fueled not by pressure but by their joy on court -- played about as well as possible to tie their NCAA record 90-game win streak. Graham Hays ??

Hurd: Ball movement helps Huskies make history

Instant analysis: UConn wins 90th straight to match own NCAA record

Video: Highlights | Geno: First 20 minutes as good as it gets

What you need to know about UConn

The core four behind UConn's 90 straight wins

Different players help make UConn's 90-game win streaks distinct. But it's no coincidence that Geno Auriemma's coaching staff has remained almost unchanged through the two historic runs. Graham Hays ??

In another historic run, UConn has always had the answer

The Huskies' win streak has held little drama. Even in games expected to be some of their biggest tests, UConn's trademark run, depth and championship mindset have turned away all comers. Mechelle Voepel ??

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