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The CEO of Uni Watch Enterprises generally has little sympathy or patience for those who whine about winter. Like, duh, it's cold. And duh, it snows. Come on, people, it's winter -- it's supposed to be cold and snowy!

But this past winter was nastier than most, which means we could all do with some signs of spring, right? And look, here's one now: the 16th annual Uni Watch MLB season preview, in which we run down all the uniform and logo changes for the upcoming baseball season.

Technically speaking, the season is already underway, because the Dodgers and Diamondbacks played two games in Australia over the weekend. There were several uni-notable aspects to those games:

• Both teams wore commemorative cap patches for the occasion. But there were no sleeve patches -- surprising.

• The Dodgers were the road team for both games. But in the second game, they wore their home whites, and the D-backs wore white pants, a bizarre uniform matchup.

• In that same game, the D-backs accessorized their black jerseys with red undersleeves, red belts, and red socks. In the past they've used black accessories for the black jersey.

• The Dodgers used specially designed bat knob decals. (Not familiar with the bat knob decal scene? Look here.)

But although those two games Down Under count in the standings, they didn't have that Opening Day feel. So with the rest of the teams set to kick off their seasons on Sunday and Monday, here's our annual team-by-team rundown of all the uni- and logo-related news for the coming year (if a team isn't listed, it has no announced changes for 2014):

• The A's have changed several of their gold elements to white, beginning with their road cap logo. The color shift is also reflected on their green alternate jersey, which has gone from a gold script to a white "A's" logo. Look on the back of that jersey and you'll once again see that gold has been scrapped in favor of white. (As an aside, the A's are once again giving away their "Throwback Thursday" buttons this season, and this year's designs cover all portions of the franchise's history, going all the way back to Kansas City and Philadelphia. Very cool stuff.)

• The Astros wore their BP jersey, with its rainbow side piping, for 11 regular-season games last year. Now they've officially designated it as an alternate jersey (although they might want to rethink that, because they went 2-9 in those 11 games last season). Also: The 'Stros are another team that has started using custom-designed bat knob decals.

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