Uni Watch: Play ball!

• Pitchers this season were supposed to have the option of wearing protective caps designed to reduce the threat posed by line drives, but it turns out the caps still aren't ready for prime time. It's not yet clear whether they'll be approved for game use at any time in 2014.

• All players will once again wear No. 42 on April 15, which is Jackie Robinson Day. Whatever else you can say about Bud Selig, the annual sea of 42s on the field is one of the unqualified successes of his commissionership.

• Last year all MLB teams wore camouflage-accented uniforms on Memorial Day. The MLB office hasn't yet announced any similar plans for 2014, but it's worth noting that the Diamondbacks are planning a Memorial Day camouflage jersey giveaway, so it seems like a pretty safe bet that we'll be seeing plenty of camo on the diamond that day.

That's it for now. Did we miss anything? If so, you know what to do. Now let's play ball.

Paul Lukas, a lifelong Mets fan, is in for yet another long season (which is the same thing he wrote in this space a year ago -- sigh). If you liked this column, you'll probably like his Uni Watch Blog, plus you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Want to learn about his Uni Watch Membership Program, be added to his mailing list so you'll always know when a new column has been posted or just ask him a question? Contact him here.

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