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A new tablet computer is coming and this time it's from BlackBerry. The BlackBerry PlayBook has a 7-inch screen and can use a wireless link to act as a larger screen for a separate BlackBerry device.

The PlayBook comes out next year; no word on the price.

'Guitar Hero'

If you're ready to rock, there's good news. "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" hits stores today. Mike Snider of USA Today says it's a fun mix of rock 'n' roll and super-hero adventure.

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What Are You Listening To?

"If you're a fan of music games, you're going to want to have it because the game looks great," Snider said. "The animations are better, it's got more than 90 songs, it's got a mix of classic bands like ZZ Top and the Rolling Stones, but some newer bands like Phoenix and the Muse."

"Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" can be played on PlayStation 3, Xbox and Wii.

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