Courtesy NoahsArkAnimalSanctuary/Facebook
  • A Monkey and an Alpaca Hang Out

    A monkey stands on an alpaca for tourists to take pictures ahead of the upcoming Chinese New Year of Monkey, at a zoo in Kunming, China, Feb. 1, 2016.
    Wong Campion/Reuters
  • A Tiger and a Goat Chill out in the Snow

    Amur the Tiger and Timur the Goat are seen in their aviary in Safari Park in Shkotovo, Russia, Jan. 22, 2016.
    Yuri Smityuk/TASS via Getty Images
  • Meet the Incredible Dog Who Looks After Baby Monkeys

    A dog named Princess has befriended a baby monkey. Princess is owned by two conservationists who rescue wildlife from Africa and Asia. She gets along with any creature that is bought into the home and loves to care for anything from pigs to baby monkeys.
    Caters News Agency
  • A gorilla named Koko, known for her sign language abilities, shows maternal instincts with kittens, specifically Ms. Gray.
    The Gorilla Foundation/
  • A gorilla named Koko, known for her sign language abilities, shows maternal instincts with kittens, specifically Ms. Gray.
    The Gorilla Foundation/
  • Rescued Dog & Chicken Form Inseparable Bond

    Roo, left, and Penny Chicken pose for an adorable photo with another dog in Duluth, Georgia. The energetic pooch named Roo has become best friends with silkie chicken, Penny, after they were rescued and re-homed together. They now live with owner Alicia Williams at her house in Duluth, Georgia, and have become inseparable friends.
    Alicia Williams/Barcroft Media/Landov
  • Rottweiler Befriends Tiny Hamster

    Pictured are Razor the Rottweiler and Snickers the hamster. A tiny, four-inch hamster has struck up the most unlikely of friendships with a 91-pound Rottweiler. Razor is a one-year-old Rottweiler puppy who would have been sold as a fighting dog if he had not been rescued by owner Ria Mitchell. Yet, in contrast to the life Razor was originally destined for, the "gentle giant" has befriended a Syrian hamster named Snickers.
    Mercury Press & Media Ltd/Caters News Agency
  • Dairy Cows Nuzzle Barn Cat

    Dairy cows nuzzle a barn cat as they wait to be milked at a farm in Granby, Quebec, July 26, 2015.
    Christinne Muschi/Reuters
  • Meet the Owl and Kitten Who are Best Friends

    Fuku the owl has formed a best friend with Marimo the kitten in Osaka, Japan, June 26, 2015.
    Caters News Agency
  • Tuna, a pot-bellied pig, and Jack are an unusual yet inseparable pair. The two were surrendered to the Humane Society of North Texas when their owners were no longer able to keep them.
    Humane Society of North Texas
  • This Dog Befriended a Menagerie

    Bob the golden retriever and birds rest together in Sao Paulo, July 2015.
    @bob_goldenretr/REX Shutterstock
  • Dog and Fawn Share Affectionate Friendship

    Hansi, an orphaned fawn, is pictured being loved affectionately by Lia, an Australian shepherd puppy, in this photo that was released on July 2, 2015 in Regensburg, Germany.
    Caters News Agency
  • Labrador and Chameleon Are Inseparable Best Pals

    Meet the Labrador and chameleon who make the unlikeliest of best pals. Despite the giant size difference between Winston, a six-year-old yellow lab, and Kammer, a one-year-old lizard, they are completely inseparable. Whether it's eating meals out of bowls next to each other or playing in the garden together, the pet pals can’t be separated. Even when they're not awake they can't be kept apart, with Kammer often taking naps either on or next to Winston's big head.
    Caters News Agency
  • Two Cute! Orangutan Feeds Tiger Cub

    Suryia the orangutan feeds a tiger cub at Myrtle Beach Safari Preserve in this undated handout photo.
    Courtesy Myrtle Beach Safari
  • Cat Helps Out These Little Puppies

    Joe Arpaio @RealSheriffJoe posted this image on Twitter with this caption: "Puppies rescued by deputies r livin' the good life. Fat & happy as MamaCat & inmates share in their care & well being," April 10, 2015.
  • Chick Gives Pug a Peck on the Nose

    This pug, named Fugly, and chick named KFC, were introduced by their owners who live next door to one another in the Philippines. Fugly's owner Tim Ho took photos of the pair--the owners introduced the pair when they were only a few weeks old, and they immediately bonded.
    Tim Ho/Caters News
  • An Unlikely Pair of Best Friends: A Dog and a Pony

    Tigger the pony and Joker the dog have become best friends thanks to the fact they are almost identical after their owner Ronnie Jones introduced them at her stables, Feb. 8, 2015, in Summercourt in Cornwall, UK.
    Caters News Agency
  • Gentle Giant Befriends Tiny Chihuahua

    Digby, a tiny Chihuahua who was abandoned and rescued, found an unlikely friend in Nero, a Neapolitan Mastiff, through the RSPCA in London.
    Courtesy RSPCA
  • Dog Nurses Orphaned Tiger Cub

    The zoo in Indore, India has arranged for a dog to feed milk to a lone tiger cub, Oct. 3, 2014. The cub was rescued by the zoo officials after her mother was caught mishandling her. The cub is a month old now and as per the zoo department will have to be fed for the next month.
    Arun Mondhe/Hindustan Times/Getty Images
  • Oh Deer! These Two Friends are Too Cute

    They might share the same wet noses and cute brown eyes but that's where the similarities should end, but not for four-month-old roe deer Daisy. She has no idea she's not a dog. In fact it's been a real case of puppy love since she was saved by an animal rescue center and befriended by the owners' two dogs. Now the beautiful creature has developed such a friendship with the dogs that she believes she is one of them.
    Jeremy Durkin/Rex/REX USA
  • Stripes and Solids: Dog Mum Feeds Her Pup and Two Lion Cubs

    A dog nurses two-day-old tiger cubs and her puppy at a zoo in Hefei, China on Aug. 22, 2014.
  • Best Friends After Life-Saving Rescue

    Opie and Roscoe continue to be best friends a year after Opie helped save Roscoe's life.
    Courtesy Lia Spilka
  • The Hero Dog Who Helped Save This Kitten

    James Roode was taking his dog, Opie, for a walk last August when the pair discovered a newborn kitten, seen here, who was trapped underneath a log.
    Courtesy Lia Spilka
  • A Roar, a Woof and a Kiss: See This Adorable Lion and Dog Duo

    Bonedigger, a five-year old male lion, and Milo, a seven-year old dachshund dog, are so close that Milo nonchalantly licks the massive lion's teeth to clean them.
    Barcroft Media /Landov
  • Bonedigger the lion interacts with his dachshund friend Milo at Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Okla.
    Barcroft Media /Landov
  • Herd of Buffalo Adopt Orphaned Elephant

    Nzhou, an elephant whose parents were poached by ivory hunters, has been adopted by a herd of buffalo. Nzhou looks a bit out of place with the herd, as she towers over them, but they accept her as one of their own.
    Caters News Agency
  • Ten-month old Virginia the pig and her dog buddies Max and Luna wait for food from their owner, Wendy Paulas. Paulas, who is from Colorado, adopted Virginia and told ABC News the pig fits right in with her dogs, even adopting their mannerisms.
    Courtesy Wendy Paulas
  • Ten-month old Virginia the pig and her dog buddies Luna, left, and Max take a nap on the couch together.
    Courtesy Wendy Paulas
  • Leo the African Lion, Baloo the American Black Bear and Shere Khan the Bengal Tiger were all born in early 2001 and came to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary after being rescued from an Atlanta home basement by police officers during a drug raid. Their bond has lasted as they've grown together, and Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan eat, sleep, play together and groom each other.
    Courtesy NoahsArkAnimalSanctuary/Facebook
  • Liberty and Tiger Lilly share a moment at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Loucost Grove, Georgia.
    Courtesy NoahsArkAnimalSanctuary/Facebook
  • A three-year-old German Shepherd named Foxy gets cozy with Munchie, a seven-week-old baby goat, March 23, 2011. The animals' owner, Nancy Osuna of Montabello, Calif., said Foxy is usually very shy, but quickly took Munchie under her wing. The pair met just five days ago, but already sleep together, play together and follow each other around.
    Courtesy Nancy Osuna
  • Too cute! A squirrel plays with a kitten at the house of resident Ruben Gaviria in Colombia. Tita, the mother of the kitten, has been nursing the injured squirrel since Gaviria rescued it six days ago in a park.
    Albeiro Lopera/Reuters
  • Three-month-old Asian camel Ldinka bends over a fence to nuzzle against an adult Vietnamese miniature pig at Royev Ruchey Zoo in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.
    Ilya Naymushin/Reuters
  • A wolf and a donkey share a cage in the northwestern town of Patok in Albania. The donkey was brought into the enclosure to be fed to the wolf, which was caught in the northern Albanian mountains four months ago. The animals have since become attached to each other, cohabitating in the cage for the last 10 days, and attracting curious villagers and local media.
    Arben Celi /Reuters
  • A monkey helps a parrot get rid of lice at a wild animal park in Shenzhen, China.
    China News/Reuters
  • How often do you see birds feeding fish and not eating them? Here a black swan feeds carp at a wildlife park in China.
    China Daily/Reuters
  • Auan, a 7-year-old female cat, shares a meal with Jeena, a 3-year-old male mouse at a farmer's house in the central province of Phichit, north of Bangkok. The animals' owners say Auan found Jeena three years ago and has been his playmate and protector since then.
    Sukree Sukplang/Reuters
  • A mouse rides on the back of a frog in floodwaters in the northern Indian city Lucknow June 30, 2006. It does not get any cuter than this.
    Pawan Kumar /Reuters
  • A tiger cub climbs over piglets at a park in south China. The tiger cub was abandoned by its mother and is being raised by a sow.
    China Daily/Reuters
  • A female dog sits with a 3-month old lion cub at Badaling Safari Animal World on the outskirts of Beijing. The young lion's biological mother did not have enough milk to feed all of her cubs so Animal World officials put the two animals together.
    Guang Niu/Reuters
  • Piek, a 4-year-old monkey checks 1-year-old Pom the cat for lice at a temple in a city north of Bangkok. Both animals were abandoned at the temple by their owners a year ago. Since then they have become playmates have been taking care of each other.
    Sukree Sukplang/Reuters
  • BoonLua, a long-tailed macaque, lives with Toby, a rabbit, north of Bangkok. BoonLua, the 6-year-old wild monkey, lost both its legs and one arm during an attack by dogs three years ago. It dragged itself to a nearby temple where it received medical treatment and survived. He now lives in a custom built enclosure with the rabbit.
    Sukree Sukplang/Reuters
  • A dog feeds two Siberian tiger cubs and her puppy at a zoo in China. The mother of the cubs was not able to feed them after giving birth, China Daily reported.
    China Daily/Reuters
  • A brown bear carries a dog during a show in a circus in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, November 22, 2009.
    Ilya Naymushin/Reuters
  • It was puppy love for a duck and puppy in China. The Chinese family had a pet duck, and when they took in an abandoned pup, the two became fast friends. They play together, they nap together, and they are rarely out of each other's sight.
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