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"I can just be there and say, 'Hey, you know … women might not really appreciate it. Does that really add value, or is that just something you guys think is funny?'" she says.

Women make up only 30 percent of the video game players out there. But Teich says more might play, if they knew how diverse games really are. In other words, more attention needs to be given to games other than the raunchy titles, such as "Grand Theft Auto," that always seems to grab news headlines.

"I think that the problem is that women don't realize that there's more to the game [industry] than that," she says. "There's so many genres out there … there's a game for everyone if they can just find it."

And if the industry continues to create those kind of games and make them easily accessible to women, then everyone benefits, she says.

"I think that if women start playing and speaking up more, then we're going to start seeing the direction and the attention skewed more toward what we'd like to see," says Teich. "There are many games out there that women would love to play that don't have to do with sex."

-- Cheri Preston, ABC News

Cybershake is produced for ABC News Radio by Andrea J. Smith.

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