A Tiny Video Camera That Never Forgets

Most consumer cameras, for example, offer telephoto and instant playback capabilities that aren't yet possible on Deja View camera. And videotapes offer up to two hours of continuous recording capabilities, while the removable memory cards limit Deja View to only between 16 and 256 clips, each 30 seconds in length.

More worrisome, however, are privacy issues. Already, tiny digital cameras on cell phones are coming under closer scrutiny since some have been used to clandestinely watch people in places such as public restrooms and locker rooms.

Reich says the company is aware of such negative stigma. But he says the Deja View camera isn't all that tiny when compared to some of the more clandestine devices currently used by electronic peeping toms.

"We've purposely made it non-covert. We made the camera visible and the hip pack visible," says Reich. "If someone wants to use it for covert stuff, there are a lot of other, smaller devices — wireless — that they can spend their money on. But it's never our intention to make [Camwear] for covert recordings."

Wait and See

Bajarin, meanwhile, sees a better market among special "vertical" segments — such as the law enforcement community.

Indeed, Reich says in addition to developing units to show to consumer electronics chains, his company is also furiously trying to produce enough test units for police and security agencies.

"If a police officer sees someone driving erratically, he'd hit the record button and the evidence of the person doing the nasty deed is captured," says Reich. "We also see a big market with people working with national security who would use it similar to the way police would. The interest has been unbelievable."

Reich says the company has raised about $500,000 in private funding to develop prototypes of the cameras. But, it's also in the process of raising the estimated $5 million needed to ramp up production and hopefully begin distribution to mass market retail chains before the end of the year.

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