New Generation Remotes Ready to Bring Peace

The Harmony One even comes with a nifty charging base where you can rest the device to eliminate the need to replace the batteries, but if it falls into the sofa cushions you still will have to search for it on your own.

Remotes Are Big Business

The Harmony brand has found a comfortable niche in between the discounted replacement remote controls sold for tens of dollars and the super high-end luxury remotes available for thousands. No remote can be found at this in-between price point that has a color screen and such advances features.

Logitech wants consumers to look at the device as a component to their home system that will make their lives a lot easier rather than just another accessory. And that may because the price tag for this universal Harmony is $249.

Logitech's CEO, Gerry Quindlen, understands that the piece of mind isn't cheap, but believes once consumers get one into their house the benefits will be apparent. "I like to say that our company provides affordable luxuries. We are able to provide high-end quality products at reasonable prices," Quindlen said.

Logitech is a 26-year-old company that was started in Switzerland and today is the premiere after market mouse and PC accessory leader and its entry into the remote control business wasn't just to add peace to the household. Logitech estimates that the universal remote market is a $1 billion business today that will grow to double that volume in the next five years.

Quindlen plans to spend the first two days of CES meeting with vendors like Best Buy and Circuit City, but looks forward to getting out onto the show floor by day three to see the latest gadgets.

"Towards the middle of the week I will get to see some of the smaller booths. Harmony began as a business we found out in the halls and we have been able to create a great business that is great for us and our partners."

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