GeekTech: nVidia's Powerful, Complicated Quad SLI

In the end, Quad SLI does offer performance benefits when you use the right combination of resolution and settings. But I wouldn't recommend it unless you're fanatical about gaming, you have enough money to buy a giant monitor, and you've convinced yourself that you can see the difference between 4X and 8X antialiasing (by the way, Quad SLI actually offers up to 32X antialiasing).

What about Aeoncraft and their setup snafu? The company gets credit for coming clean about its mistakes, and a rep assures me that Aeoncraft is shipping new systems with the right settings and is working with existing Quad SLI owners to get their rigs up to speed. Still, I find it disheartening that any PC vendor would offer such an expensive product without knowing how to make it work the way it's supposed to. Maybe that's why I'm so big on building my own PCs: I know who to blame if something doesn't work right.

Tom Mainelli hasn't stopped drooling over that obnoxiously large 30-inch Dell monitor since it arrived. You can e-mail him at .

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