New Apple Nano and Touch and an iTunes Upgrade

10:25 PT - DM: Nano-chromatic. They come in "the best colors we've ever done." And yes, Steve Jobs has put rainbows in the iPod, at long last. Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and silver. And the prices: $149 for 8GB; $199 for 16GB. Both are shipping today; 8GB's shipping today, 16GB should be in stock by the weekend.10:23 PT - DM: The nano gets a pretty nice round of applause from the audience. They've also got improved battery life: 24 hours of music and 4 hours of video. They also want to be environmentally conscious: we have an internal environmental checklist that we use on everything. The new iPods's have arsenic-free glasss, BFR-free, Mercury-free, PVC-free and highly recyclable materials. "There's more we're going to do in the future, but these are the cleanest, toxic-free iPods we've ever built."

10:23 PT - JS: He shakes that nano a second time and it's John Mayer. That dude is everywhere! Is he getting royalties? Free Apple computers for life?

Nano Details

10:20 PT - DM: Demo time. We're playing Beck and Steve flips the iPod sideways and it goes into Cover Flow. Now he's flipping through and picking Bob Dylan and listening to a new song. Pushing down the center button lets him start a Genius playlist based on the Dylan song. Holy crap, if you shake the iPod, it'll shuffle your songs. "I didn't really want to tell you that I had Dean Martin on my iPod." A quick look at photos. Tilt it and you go to landscape. "Just works really, really well." And that's the iPod nano.10:22 PT - JS: It's interesting, Apple is rolling in features that used to be more advanced or only available with add-ons, right into the product. The nano is basically the mainstream iPod now, if it wasn't already.

10:18 PT - DM: New curved aluminum design, and curved glass over the display. Thinnest iPod ever built, enhanced user interface, and it's got the iPhone/iPod touch's accelerometer. And you can create Genius playlists right on the nano. The new interface looks a lot like the interface introduced with the 3G nano/iPod classic. Full-sized album art, and it inserts album covers at the bottom. And, of course, you can flip it into landscape mode. Holding down center button brings up a pop-up menu, browse albums, artist, build genius playlist all from the playing. Voice Recording program built-in, along with all the other standard additions (clock, timer, etc.)

10:17 PT - JS: Is this the last update ever for the classic iPod? I suspect it may be.

10:16 PT - DM: iPod nano. Shipped the first nano in 2005. Second generation in 2006, third-gen in 2007. Only three years. But we have a new iPod nano for this holiday season. And it looks a lot like the spyshots that have been going around: much taller with a larger screen. "Best of both worlds." Portrait aspect ratio and same display in portrait mode. Thinnest iPod they've ever made. Looks to be about the same height as the 1G and 2G. He's got one in his pocket. Nice looking screen. Pretty darn thin; it's got an oval cross-section. (Is it just me, or does Steve's shirt have a seam down the front of it?)10:15 PT - DM: Here are some updates and new products for holiday season. iPod classic is first up: thick and thin versions. Almost everybody has one of the thin ones, not the thick ones, so they're discontinuing the thick one. The 80GB jumps to 120GB for the same $249. Started with 1,000 songs in your pocket; now 30,000 songs.

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