When the Web Got it Wrong

A brief memorial to some of the many famous people the Web has killed, if only temporarily.*

Will Ferrell (July 1967 - March 2006)

Cause of death: Freak paragliding accident spurred by phony press release

Sinbad (November 1956 - March 2007)

Cause of death: Fatal heart attack in Wikipedia

Miley Cyrus (November 1992 - September 2008)

Cause of death: Car crash; Yahoo News and Digg are spotted fleeing the accident

Paris Hilton (February 1981 - June 2007)

Cause of death: Shivved in prison fracas following arrest; fictional assailants unknown

Tila Tequila (October 1981 - April 2009)

Cause of death: Twitter

* Not to worry, all of these folks were still alive at press time.

Contributing editor Dan Tynan makes mistakes all the time, and you can find most of them on his blog,

Tynan on Tech.

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