How to Beat Angry Birds: A Beginner's Guide


Black bird – Patel's favorite, the black bird looks like a bomb and acts like one too. After you release the bird, it explodes if you tap the screen while it's in flight.

Boomerang bird – This one is an expert in the sneak attack. Patel said you let it fly over your target and then tap the screen to make it reverse course.

Be experimental

Even though each bird has its purpose, Patel said to experiment with different tactics, because most of the tricks he uncovered were accidental.

"Just because they give you a bird, it doesn't mean you need to use it the way it's supposed to be used," he said. The boomerang bird, for example, can smash through plenty when fired straight just like any other bird.

Be on the Lookout for Surprises, Keep Trying

Keep an eye out for golden eggs

One of the many secrets hidden in Angry Birds are the elusive golden eggs. (Patel said that though he's beaten each of the levels released by Rovio, he still hasn't unlocked all of the eggs.)

Sometimes they appear when a bird travels in an exceptionally high arc on the screen; other times they appear when your finger scrolls to locations off the screen. But Patel said they offer up extra rounds of game play and bonus points.

Persistence pays off

But, aside from knowing the basics, Patel said the key is just to keep on keeping on. It may seem like some levels take an eternity to conquer but he said that, ultimately, with a few minutes here and there, you'll power through.

"They are no set rules on how to play angry birds," Patel said. "You just want to keep trying and, eventually, you'll figure it out."

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