Twitter 2-Factor Authentication: What It Is and Why It Would Help National Security


"I think that it would be good training for everyone to do it," he said. "The majority of our accounts are going to have two-factor. Twitter, being for most people non-essential, would be a good place for people to adopt it."

Of course, having to type in two passwords or pieces of information might be considered an annoyance for people, but as we have seen in the past couple of weeks, the payoff can, in some cases, mean thwarting national security issues.

"At this point, the weight of a tweet essentially can affect people's lives in regards to their financials and also their life itself, as we saw in the case of the Boston bombings and the requests that were being made by the FBI and the Boston police," Siciliano said. "Security is not convenient, it can be a hassle."

For more security tips, including ones for setting strong passwords, check out this list.

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